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the encrypted Organizer
for comprehensive protection of your personal data

AbsolutePrivacy, the unique SPIM (Secure Personal Information Manager), is now available as FREEWARE!

Never have data been handled and kept on your PC in such a safe and intrusion-proof way! Every conceivable means have been adopted to eclipse your data for unauthorized access. Nobody else but you should ever be able to view your personal data. A number of measures have been implemented to achieve this unprecedented level of data security:

  • military-grade encryption
  • permanent (uninterrupted) database encryption
  • records encrypted and decrypted one by one
  • multiple keywords
  • for further details see the security features

Of course, all data stored with this organizer are spy-proof, even while you are working with your data: appointments, tasks, memos, financial transactions, passwords, credit card data etc.
Nothing will ever leak out, all data withstand the most sophisticated cracking attempts.

The organizer includes the following sections:

  • Calendar - for scheduling your appointments
  • Contacts - keeps addresses and other data of your contacts
  • Diary - – your most intimate daily log
  • Task Lists - check lists of what you should do
  • Confidential Data - for storing passwords and other sensitive dat
  • Memos and Notes - whatever is noteworthy
  • Budget Management - handle up to 3 private or professional budgets
  • Import data - from Outlook or Palm Desktop

The software is continuously updated and several new sections are under development

  • A Mail Client that keeps your emails out of reach for anybody trying to spy on you.
  • A File Manager that allows you to encrypt every document and folder on your harddisks or other storage media.
  • A PDA version of AbsolutePrivacy. There is a major risk of other people getting access to the data stored on your PDA in case you loose or forget it somewhere.
  • A Synchronization Module to exchange data with Outlook.
  • An Alarm for scheduled appointments.

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