The safest haven for all your personal data

  • Carry your personal data always with you, forever, everywhere, on any device, in absolute privacy and total safety.
  • Bulletproof data protection.
  • Never loose any data: safe cloud backup and sync between different devices.
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Your personal data
always with you

Keep all your data safe and secure on all your devices, always and everywhere available offline.

Unmatched security

Sophisticated handling of single data elements, without decrypting the database file, makes it virtually impossible to hack your data.

  • just one record at a time will be decrypted when needed for display
  • the database remains permanently encrypted
  • use of military grade cryptography algorithms



Your encrypted data can be

  • backed up to cloud
  • synchronized between devices
  • restored to any device

At no point any readable data are sent over networks.

All encrypted data is stored on Google's servers, which ensures a high degree of availability and protection against loss of data and hacking.


The following sections/modules are available for registering your data:

Create appointments, single and recurrent events and manage your daily activities. You can keep different calendars.
In contrast to conventional calendar apps, all events are stored encrypted one by one.
Keep whatever text information safely encrypted.
All details of your contacts are always and everywhere available, on your devices, but no outsider can ever access these data.
The task manager helps you to organize and recall your daily todos, sorting them according to priority, due date, category and topic. Of course, every item is individually encrypted.
With this module you can also create reusable shopping lists.
Keep record of income and expenses for different accounts, group transactions into categories. Every transaction is separately encrypted, but particularly sensitive transactions can be additionally protected and kept invisible. Get a detailed balance of your accounts for any conceivable time frame.
Some data are particularly critical, like those regarding credit cards, bank accounts, ATM cards, passwords in different settings, etc.
The high-end standard of encryption and additional data protection techniques used by our software will store these highly sensitive data in a most secure way.
Many among us feel the need to keep a record on daily personal events, but prefer maintaining their impressions private. With Cryptobase the risk for intrusion is ruled out.

Download Software

The app enables you to create as many databases as you need. An annual license is required for each database, the first year is included in the purchase price. A licensed database can be written to and, optionally, backed up to cloud. If you wish cloud backup and synchronization between your devices, you need to create a cloud account and link your database(s) to this account.
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After first year:
Annual license fee per database2)

Purchase entitles to create a free number of databases, including database license2) for the first year.
1) Trial version limit: 10 entries per section
2) Database License enables the user to add, edit or delete data in the database and includes data exchange with cloud server.

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